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We LOVE To Help West Reading Grow.

The L.O.V.E Team Mission

The L.O.V.E. team is an energetic organization of Leaders Outpouring Vitality Everyday into our community. We view ourselves as partners with our business neighbors in and around the community. We aim to share ideas, communicate, encourage and motivate others to achieve their own personal and professional successes.

Networking & Referrals

Become acquainted with other West Reading business leaders. Many of our members have decades of business experience and are eager to share their expertise with you.

Group Advertising

Throughout the year The L.O.V.E. Team advertises in local news and magazine publications.

Business Map Brochure

We publish a brochure featuring all of the local restaurants and small businesses. This directory includes your business name, location and web address.

Window Sticker

Each love team member is provided a window sticker to show customers your inclusion in an organization that gives back to the community.

Who We Are....

The L.O.V.E. Team is a hard working group, we expect all of our members to give a 110% while working to promote the community. Although each member of our organization has their own business to manage, we recognize that by supporting each other we support ourselves.

We view ourselves as partners with our business neighbors in and around the community. We aim to share ideas, communicate, encourage and motivate others to achieve their own personal and professional successes.

The L.O.V.E. Team is an energetic volunteer group of West Reading business leaders who have come together to promote local business and community events. All West Reading Business are welcome to join the L.O.V.E. Team and membership is free.

West Reading is a charming community with a lot of character. There are over 100 specialty boutiques and restaurants that are owner operated. Our guests enjoy the individual flair, personalized service and selection of a unique experience.

We have become a fun destination for getaways and awesome community events. Enjoy a weekend stay at the Candlewood Suites in our business community, located in walking distance to all our shoppes. Stroll the the avenue and enjoy all West Reading has to offer!

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Make your business visible and earn more.

The LOVE Team is dedicated to supporting small businesses, employs a dual approach to boost visibility. Harnessing the power of word of mouth, they encourage personal connections and grassroots networks to spread the word about local enterprises. Simultaneously, strategic use of social media, local newspapers, and community newsletters amplifies their message. By sharing compelling stories and emphasizing the uniqueness of each business, LOVE aims to create a buzz that resonates widely, ultimately increasing visibility and support for these essential contributors to the local economy.

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Make your business stand out.

The LOVE Team excels in helping businesses stand out through targeted strategies. Leveraging their extensive network, they provide opportunities for visibility through collaborations, events, and media exposure. By crafting compelling narratives that highlight the unique aspects of each business, LOVE ensures a distinctive presence in the market. Their support goes beyond conventional marketing, fostering an environment where businesses not only stand out individually but also contribute to a vibrant and diverse local business community.

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Grow with your other business owners.

The LOVE Team drives small business growth through strategic partnerships with fellow business owners. Beyond conventional networking, these alliances create a mutually beneficial environment where shared resources and customer bases amplify collective strengths. By fostering collaborative relationships, LOVE ensures that small businesses not only expand their reach but also contribute to the overall resilience and prosperity of the local entrepreneurial community.

Cocktail and Cookie Winewalk

Cocktail and Cookie Winewalk

Stroll the Avenue this Holiday season. Specialty boutiques shining brightly with Gift ideas. Enjoy all West Reading has to offer! Wednesday, December 13 · 5 - 8pm EST

Giving Goes Glam

Giving Goes Glam

Choosing a different local nonprofit each year, the L.O.V.E Team of West Reading chose Family Promise of Berks County for this year’s fashion show fundraising recipient. Based out of Reading, Family Promise strives to help homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence through community based response by partnering with community leaders, service providers and a wide network of interfaith volunteers to provide hospitality to those in need.

Ice And Spice

Ice And Spice

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